Performance: Natalie Gan, Nickeshia Garrick, Anna Kraulis, Lindsey Shaw, Alisa Stanton
Presented @ Flux: Continuous Change (SFU Student Choreographers), January 20-22, 2009, SFU Theatre

Zoa (pl.n). : the distinct individuals that join to form a colonial or compound animal

This work is a first foray into the realm of creatures-aiming to invoke a terrestrial, forest-like environment where instincts are the a basis of every decision, and no detail goes unnoticed.  The raw energy of animals plays out in several relationships: the dynamic unity of the “pack”, the tension between predator and prey, the innocence and curiosity of the ethereal-like “other”, and the fragility of the one left behind.

These words by Leslie Marmon Silko, a Pueblo writer, seemed particularly relevant to this work:

So little lies between you and the sky. So little lies between you and the earth. One look and you know that simply to survive is a great triumph, that every possible resource is needed, every possible ally- even the most humble insect or reptile.  You realize you will be speaking with all of them if you intend to last out the year.