To be alive and separate are antithetical notions- if we truly understood the depth of our interconnection, how much more respect would we give to our oceans, skies and forests?
-Mark Coleman, “Awake in the Wild”

In moments of clarity we remember our interconnectivity: we are part of the earth and it is a part of us.  The point of “clever fauna” (an umbrella term for my dance projects and films) is to engage with this idea from an artistic standpoint; to create meaningful and developed work that explores our essence as creatures and inhabitants.

Since completing my pre-professional training in contemporary dance at Simon Fraser University in 2010, I feel fortunate to have worked for/with many accomplished artists in Vancouver, and to continue to train extensively in movement and other artistic practices.

photo by Jonathan Dy
photo by Jonathan Dy

This particular site is geared towards my own choreographic work and research; and projects that expand into the community as a whole.

Anna Kraulis

January 2013