Strange Scenarios

photo by Jonathan Dy
photo by Jonathan Dy

Performance: Kathryn Carlberg, Johanna Dalgleish, CarliAnn Forthun, Ivana Matovina, Lindsey Shaw
Narrative: Amy Teper and Hannah Carpendale
Makeup design: Annette Flick
Presented @ Parade of Lost Souls (Secret Souls Walk), October 27th, 2012

In keeping with Public Dream’s theme of envisioning future realities for their 2012 Parade of Lost Souls, Strange Scenarios envisions a world where industry has overtaken the planet, and there are no green spaces left at all. Facing this new reality, a group of formerly feral cats have adapted by making their home in an East Vancouver alleyway….

this strange scenario- this odd fusion of the organic and inorganic worlds, filled with citified creatures we no longer recognize